Foreign Trade

We have come a long way from bartering salt, silk and spices to the transfer of technology and high- speed trading of currencies and commodities. Where the transnational companies can afford to impose their own set of rules and preferences  onto the market, the smaller companies  have to intelligently adapt to local regulations and customs. A professional operator has to combine knowledge of languages, economy, history, law, logistics and politics of other nations. It also helps to have an iron stomach and a good sense of humor!

We have been active in the field of foreign trade and international relations since 1994 and have an excellent working knowledge of how to organize and operate international trade.

Services include:

  • Market studies
  • Export Marketing
  • Planning and Organization of Trade Departments
  • Representation at Trade Exhibitions
  • Sourcing of Raw Materials, Intermediates and Finished Products
  • Agency- , Distribution- and other commercial contracts
  • Brand Protection
  • Interim Management
  • Trouble shooting and Reorganization
  • Selection of adequate staff
  • Product registration
  • Compliance with Tax- and Customs formalities

We speak English, Spanish, French, German and Dutch.


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